Stories : Insaf Bennis, a very digital super woman/mom

There are those girls on Instagram who has immediately established signature silouhettes and recognizable universe, when you scroll down their social medias feeds. Insaf Bennis is definitely one of thoses girls.

She speaks frankly about her “very active but realistic mom life”, between her daily very motivating workout/wellness lifestyle, her job, and above all her happy and fullfilled motherhood.

Mother of a little prince and woman in love, Insaf evolves in Dubai and manages her life as a woman and a mother with a master hand while conveying a message to let go and to not take life too seriously, for mother but for women above all.

With Insaf, you will never get bored, there’s always a little cool/inspiring idea you can get from her and she perfecly understand With her good looks and enviable wardrobe, the fascinating fashion blogger is the perfect warrior !

Want to know how she manages her career with a young family in tow ? We delve into the secrets behind her secret signature to find out what makes her such a perfect current and timeless inspiration for young women, a real girl of her time.

Hello Insaf, could you introduce yourself please ? ( job, life, background etc )

Hey, I am Insaf Bennis, 28 yo! After living in Paris for 8 years, my husband and I have decided to move to Dubai because of professional opportunities we both had. Dubai was the city of surprises: New Job, New City … and a surprise Baby! We have become parents without expecting it, and despite the fact that it was super hard to accept for me in the beginning, I am the happiest and proud to be Hady’s mom for 2 years now!Job wise, I am Social and Digital Manager at Charlotte Tilbury and I lead all digital topics for the brand in the Middle East region! In parallel, I have my Instagram account where I like to create content around fashion, travel, beauty and sport !

Your journey on social media started as a fashion blogger. What urged you to start blogging? And why did you choose fashion at first as your “genre”?

It was super natural for me to pick up fashion as this is what I am passionate about since forever. I wanted to show that you can still be trendy and not spend a fortune. It is a matter of taste and spotting the deals ! I was a student when I started and it was really important for me to share relatable content to my community, not to create any gap or disconnect.

Throughout the years, we couldn’t help but notice how your personal brand has been evolving on social media platforms. Does this evolvement reflect your personal growth or is it based on the evolvement of the industry?

It definitely reflects my personal growth, I have started as a student in Paris and I am now a mom, working in Dubai. I went through a lot of stages and my community has grown with me throughout the years. But I need to say that, naturally, I have also followed the evolution of the industry and the social media platforms. When I started, I was using social media to promote posts on my blog but then Instagram became a content creation platform itself. I always like to explore new things, new format, new style. I don’t overthink it, I just do it. 

You have this facility to cherish your community, how do you manage to find a balance with keeping a cool relationship with them and maintaining some reasonable boundaries ?

Well, thanks for the sweet words. :) I am with my community, the same person I am in real life: spontaneous and accessible. If I can answer any personal question in order to help them achieve something then I do, if I feel it’s too much then I just say it. But overall, you create boundaries by net picking what you share and to what extend you are willing to share your personal life. :)

How do you think influencers should endorse products?

GENIUNLY ! I am no one to give advice but I personally follow recommendations of credible influencers, who net pick their collaborations (often long term). When it shows that, they use the products themself in the long run. When it comes organically, and melts perfectly with their lifestyle, values and believes. The pure product placement needs to stop in my opinion, because it is not impactful at all and it does not drive conversion. It could drive brand awareness but sometimes, if too pushy, it can hit the brand equity.

Speaking of your career in digital medias ( as a job and ias an nfluencer ), wife, a mother of an  adorable boy as well,  What is your secret behind balancing between these two demanding worlds ?

Haha, it is not easy to find a balance at all. It does require a lot of organization. But the secret is to prioritize and allocate the right time to the most important things for you without neglecting anything. 

what it’s like to live and work in Dubai as a woman?

I am fulfilled in Dubai. And while I did have some prejudices around the city, I have been nothing but amazed since I landed here. It is a very safe city, where everyone is abiding the rules. Career-wise, you get to work with people coming from everywhere in the world, which I personally enjoy a lot. It makes the environment super open-minded and tolerant, which I kind of missed on my last years in Paris. Because the market is so flexible, you can grow super fast and have a lot of opportunities, faster than anywhere else. As a woman, you are respected, and given the exact same rights as a man would have. I don’t feel any difference from my end to be honest !

what benefits does sport bring to your everyday life? how has sport helped to change your life mindset ?

It changed it all. I feel UNBREAKABLE haha. I just feel like nothing is possible and my mental strength surpasses all my physical weaknesses. And this is where you see and appreciate the power of your brain over your body. And this is where you find a balance and harmony between both. Sport has also helped me overcome some minor health issues. I have a super low blood pressure which I live with since forever. Low blood pressure means that I could often feel tired, and even faint super often. This has completely disappeared. Sport allows you to have a lot of energy and to have a better and productive day in everything you do! I would say that working out every day, combined to my yoga discovery and a healthy food plan changed my life and my body completely!

Your « feel good » routine ?

Wake-up super early before everyone in the house, workout and do some yoga. Come back home, and spend some time with Hady and Oth, take a shower, and have my breakfast. Before taking the outfit picture and going to work! 

you current life mantra ?

Embrace it all. 

what would you give as advices to people who wanna start or who juste started on social medias and who wanna success in it ?

BE YOURSELF, stay true to yourself all the way!

A final word to our readers ? a message ?

To anyone out there, embrace your life with her flaws, because it’s life. And life is ups and downs. Otherwise, it won’t be called life. Enjoy the beautiful, small things that we often take for granted. And try to make the downs better.  Because the change comes from you and not from the others. :)

Few of your main life dreams ? projects ?

Sustain the current happiness I have built with my little family forever. And this is a hell of a project ! :)

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