5 very great affordable boutique hotels

Have you ever felt that you just need to get away from all the bustle and hustle in the city ? Or feel like you need some alone time, even for just a night, to spend in a luxurious hotel ? Or just live the experience of a luxury boutique hotel ?
Even if we wanted to, the dream seemed impossible because booking a room in a luxury hotel would cost over $200 for a just a night’s stay….
From allaround  the world, There are plenty of fabulous hotels that offer all the same perks as a five-star resort : vast pools, beautifully appointed rooms, top-notch restaurants — without the exorbitant price tag. Check out my selection of affordable great boutique hotels and  discover 10 gorgeous accommodations you can snag for a bargain…..




Palm Springs, its manicured lawns, its slender palms, proudly patriotic flags floating in the eternal US, avenues evocative name …

And yet, at the intersection of Palm Canyon and Sunrise Way, a “desértico-modernist” laden wind colors flaming just blow on the unchanging, monotonous Holiday Inn.

Planted face to the lunar snow San Jacinto Mountains since 1977, the hotel rises from the ashes under the color of lightning duo of New York architects Peter Stamberg and Paul Aferiat.

The Saguaro – the name of the typical cactus eponymous Colorado – imposes almost refreshing freshness of its acid colors, inspired by the native flowers of the Mojave Desert that borders

the mythical oasis of Riverside County. Bubble gum pink and yellow arsenic for rooms, furniture and oak orange leather, excessive floral mural in the lobby …

for arc-en-ciel Hotel defying the relentless sun of California

Rooms are rom $100.




A couple transformed the mid-century building. A family property since the 1980s into a boutique hotel, while preserving the retro flair that made the city’s Modern Architectural District so beloved by tastemakers. You’ll seem much more in-the-know by choosing to stay in this flourishing neighborhood versus the more touristy spots in South Beach.

Rooms are from $64

KB-HotelNewYorker -boubouteatime


Combining a sense of artistic whimsy with cutting-edge design, the Wanderlust in Singapore’s Little India was created with adventurous travelers in mind. Hotel owner Loh Lik Peng,
a local hero after the success of his New Majestic Hotel, gave four design firms one floor each to create their own interpretation of contemporary style and comfort.





Tucked away in the village of Siolim is a quite famous old mansion called Siolim House. It dates back to the 17th century and is one of the last surviving houses in Goa from that time.
The landmark Siolim church everyone in Goa knows was built by the family of this home as a testament of their power and importance.
Many of the hybrid cultural touches are still well-preserved to this day, from azulejos (Portuguese hand-painted tiles) to Indian antiques.
The convenient location also keeps you close to three of the area’s less-crowded beaches.
Now, it’s a cute heritage hotel and you can come stay the night here….

Rooms from $98




This is not a designer hotel that erases the past in favour of the future; it works with it to create something far more interesting. The 54-room hotel, with its restaurant, bars and many chillout areas,
sits on the cliff top overlooking little Ponta do Sol and the sea. The views are to die for, though visiting architects are more taken with the hotel than the vistas: the marriage of old quinta with modernist
annexes is inspired. The outdoor spaces are especially enticing, from the traditional palm-lined terrace to the infinity pool; everywhere you look there’s a frame for the view. Crucially, the village is close
enough to Funchal for a night out, but far enough away that you feel you’re getting a break from the city.

Rooms from $97.



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